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Discover and step into your powers by learning who you are at Soul level.

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Nurturing the Soul

How does the soul realignment practitioner prepare for the session, and what does a session look like for the client?
  • When the client books a package and provides the necessary information (full name, date, and place of birth) at the time of booking, the practitioner will use this information, along with the conscious agreement of the client, to start the reading using the client’s Akashic Records (energy work). This personal information acts as the key to their files. The practitioner can then access the relevant details that will help the client understand more about what their Soul is revealing through the Higher Self of the client. A presentation is created by the practitioner, which will be explained during the session. The practitioner prepares for the reading in their own time, which takes roughly 1 hour per session (not per package).
  • Each package includes multiple sessions; however, charges are based on the package, not on a per-session basis.
  • During the session, the practitioner will present the material to the client, and the client will have time for questions at the end. Each session lasts about 1 hour.
  • What’s expected from the client during a session is their undivided attention. They do not need to take notes, as all notes will be provided to the client via email after the session. It is advisable for the client to read the client preparation guidelines to help them get into the right mindset before the session.

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A big welcome to you, beautiful Soul! I’ve always been drawn to spiritual practices for beginners and fascinated by the Universe and what we are capable of achieving through the free will we’ve been given. My curiosity allowed me to dive deep into this topic and discover things we are not taught about life in general. My interest in this field led me to become an energy healer, spiritual coach, and Soul Realignment Practitioner.

It took me a while to become the person I am today. I always just wanted…

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