Soul Realignment

Our Soul’s purpose is to express itself through embodying physicality. We go through lifetime after lifetime for our Soul to gain experiences to evolve. This is when we say “you are not your body, you are your Soul” because it is our Soul that defines us. We take a look at your Soul’s Blueprint, who you were when you first got created so we can align you to this pure aspect of you. At the origination of your Soul you have not made any negative choices therefore there is no negative impact on the Soul but as we go through lifetimes we start making negative choices that affect our Soul causing disruptions. This is when we form blocks & restrictions and if it is not resolved we can carry it on to our next incarnation. As we look into your Soul’s Blueprint we focus on finding 3 main things that can help you further evolve:

  • Your Gifts: by being aware of what your gifts are you can make positive choices for yourself if you choose to apply it to your life so you can be in harmony with who you are at Soul level.
  • Your Origin: here we discover the characteristics of your Soul’s origin and it can make you understand why you show up in life the way you do.
  • Blocks & Restrictions: we can find out what negative patterns you’ve been engaged with that have created blocks in your life. We also do a clearing on this matter.

Multi-Dimensional Expression

In this session, you’ll discover more about yourself and gain an understanding of how you express yourself multi-dimensionally, where you get your intuition from, and what kind of transformation is awaiting you. This will help you to get closer to your Higher Self so you can have a much clearer insight.

  • Soul Specialization: This is how we transition in and out of the human experience, which can help us relate to our upper-dimensional aspects.

  • Higher Self-connection: I measure how much you are connected consciously & subconsciously to your higher self. This allows you to know your access point.

  • Life Lessons: The perfect guide to use when it comes to your everyday life. You’ll get a clear picture of your primary life lesson as well as your secondary life lessons and how this is currently impacting your life.

Property Cleanse

We take a look at the energy of your property to find out what blockages are present and clear them. This will help you live in alignment, creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home or helping to harmonize the energies within your environment.

Soul Matrix

Our Soul is comprised of multiple energy sources, which through it receives vital force energy. This is how we create and express ourselves. Looking at all the available energy sources and measuring to what extent they’re present in your Soul can give us clues on how aligned you are at a given dimensional level.
(3rd, 4th & 5th) This work can help you stay consistent as we measure your percentage, which can help you understand where you’re at compared to how you actually are at Soul level. Then we come up with actionable steps on how you can fill in the gap wherever there’s a misalignment. You can utilize this service on an ongoing basis to help you make the necessary shifts.


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