Liz helps healers who passionately help others, but feel stuck in an aspect of their own life, go from feeling uncertainty to stepping into their BEST life and removing the blocks that are still keeping them from living their Heaven on Earth.

Liz has helped hundreds of people heal from physical and emotional pain, and as a recognized Artist, turned Energy Healer, turned Energy Healing Artist, she’s discovered the power of her channeled Fine Art Frequency Healing Portals and the Divine support they provide to attune her clients to the exact frequencies they need to heal and expand.

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Marcus is the inventor of Bliss coded sound frequencies and something as rare as an expert in the use of sound technology such as brainwave entrainment, binaural beats, ultrasonic subliminals etc.. for reaching desired states of consciousness such as deep meditation, relaxation, sleep, lucid dreaming technique, blissful states, and life goals by weaving these technologies together in his signature soundscapes.

He also teaches ‘CDS’ (the Consciousness Development System), which is a third eye meditation technique for higher states of consciousness.

Check out his amazing story and try his sound on his website!

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Patricia is a psychic medium spiritual counsellor and life coach of 37 years. She offers in person and telephone readings which include five decks of cards, mediumship, intuitive insights and information pertaining to questions seekers have about life purpose, how to align with the higher intelligence and ways to connect one’s core with Divine power.

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Shaun Sunderland: Uncovering the roots of healing for the mind, body, and Spirit.

The inception of the Brand Healer Podcast stemmed from my passion for branding & holistic modalities. Over time, the podcast has changed into a healing-focused platform, taking an approach to health through the mind, body, and Spirit.

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