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Understanding the very meaning of life and the intricate working of the universe can be challenging, as personal experiences and the knowledge acquired shape our perceptions. This is what creates our beliefs. However, our experiences are limited to what we are receptive to.

Being open means a willingness to understand the events and circumstances that cross our paths rather than dismissing them based on preconceived notions. Let curiosity encourage you to discover what lies beneath a situation because once you understand it, you can only decide whether you want it in your life.

Regardless of our personal beliefs, universal law exists that applies to everyone.
This law is independent of individual perspectives, as it was established by the source of creation.

Free will

You rule your own world!

Free will empowers individuals to govern their own lives. Even the divine force, be it God or the Creator Source, respects this autonomy and does not dictate the course of our actions. While many acknowledge the existence of free will, only a few understand how it’s being applied to our lives. Free will isn’t limited to random or smaller choices such as selecting a career or deciding on dinner options; it encompasses all aspects of life.

It is common for people to mistakenly assume that God desires specific outcomes or intervenes in worldly matters. People think that God wants you to be a certain way or wants something from you. I’ve heard a lot of people say things like:

God did not want this to happen for me, so my desires remain unfulfilled
If God wants this for me, then he’ll make it happen for me
If God exists, why doesn’t he prevent all these disasters?”

The answer to this last question is very simple:

Free Will = No Devine Interference!

If we all listened to our soul’s calling, we’d all be living fulfilled lives. Many question how a homeless person or someone living in poverty with no resources could possibly listen to their soul and live a fulfilled life.

This is where past life karma comes in. Karma is the consequences of your choices, extending beyond a lifetime. As souls, we carry our karma from one incarnation to the next unless we resolve it before passing away. The circumstances faced by those individuals are complex because we don’t know their personal stories.

They often endure poverty not only in terms of material wealth but also on a spiritual and emotional level. Their karma would not have led them down their current path if they were conscious beings. These people require spiritual assistance to navigate life’s challenges. Multiple root causes may underlie their circumstances, and understanding these causes is essential for providing appropriate support.

It is important to recognize that if God desired anything from us, we would merely be programmed like robots. What is the purpose of creation in that? God’s intention is for us to experience what is truly best for our souls, aligned with our higher purpose, but He will never stop you from doing what you’re doing, even if it doesn’t serve you. 


Everything holds energy in this universe

Be it objects, concepts, emotions, thoughts, intentions, and even your physical body. You direct energy with your intention. It is often said that if we genuinely desire something, we can attain it. Strong intentions serve as motivators, propelling us to take actions aligned with our goals, leading to tangible results.

But if you are not intentional enough, those energies won’t know what to bring about, and you might end up with something you truly didn’t intend for. While it is not always necessary to precisely understand our desires from the outset, setting an intention serves as a starting point. So ask yourself what you want the overall energy of your outcome to be.
We can initiate the process by defining the overall energy we wish to manifest in our desired outcome. As we continue to take congruent actions, our vision becomes clearer, revealing the next steps on our journey.

Remembering that our underlying intentions influence the results we receive is vital. Merely performing seemingly good deeds without a genuine positive intention will not bring favorable outcomes. This disconnect between actions and intentions will predominantly manifest within our inner world. The universe, being neutral, acts as a mirror, reflecting our energy back to us. This is what “What goes around comes back around” truly means.

What’s also crucial to understand is that God doesn’t punish. The “punishment” arises from the energy we emit through our intentions. Hence, it is essential that we proceed with our actions only when they stem from a place of genuine compassion and selflessness originating from the heart.

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