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About Me

An old soul is full of compassion & desire to help people step into their Divinity.

A big welcome to you, beautiful Soul! I’ve always been drawn to spiritual practices and fascinated by the Universe and what we are capable of achieving through the free will we’ve been given. My curiosity allowed me to dive deep into this topic and discover things we are not taught about life in general. My interest in this field led me to become an energy healer and soul realignment practitioner

My Journey

Growing up, I was always drawn to spiritual practices and tapping into my inner power. However, it wasn’t until I faced several emotional and physical challenges in my life that I truly began to dive deep into the world of energy healing and soul realignment.

As I started exploring these practices, I discovered a world of healing and transformation I never knew existed. Through my personal journey of healing, I realized that I also wanted to help others in their journey. This led me to become a certified energy healer and soul realignment practitioner.

My Approach

As an Akashic record reader, my approach is rooted in compassion and understanding. I believe that every person has the power within themselves to heal and embrace spiritual transformation, and I am here to help guide them along the way.

My approach is holistic and personalized, as I believe each individual’s journey is unique. I work with my clients to identify and release energetic blocks that may hold them back from living their best lives. By connecting with their higher self and inner wisdom, I help my clients step into their Divinity and align with their true purpose.

My Philosophy

My philosophy on living a fulfilling life is simple: authenticity and integrity. I believe that when we live in alignment with our true selves and values, we can create a truly fulfilling life. This means being honest with ourselves about our desires and goals and taking action with integrity. It also means letting go of the fear of judgment and stepping into our power with confidence. By living authentically and with integrity, we can create a life that aligns with our Soul’s purpose and experience true fulfillment.

Goals & Objective

My objective is not only to help my clients achieve their immediate goals but also to provide them with the tools and practices they need to continue their personal development and self-discovery long after our sessions are over. I aim to offer encouragement and support along their journey and to empower them to step into their true power and purpose. Ultimately, I hope my clients will experience healing and spirituality in their own lives and become a positive force for change in the world.


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