I am deeply committed to authenticity, which is why I want to clarify the ideal client for the transformative work I offer. My intention is to ensure that nobody’s time or money is wasted. I kindly request you to carefully read the following description, and if it resonates with you, I would be thrilled to assist you with any challenges you may be facing. It is completely normal if some of these concepts are new to you due to previous conditioning. However, I encourage you to open your mind to different approaches, as they may provide valuable assistance.

You may be familiar with the saying, “Help yourself so God can help you too.” This saying holds true in this work. It is essential that you are willing to take an active role in helping yourself so that the higher power can support you through my guidance as a practitioner. The number one principle that applies to everyone is that only you, and not anyone else, can facilitate your own healing. Coaches, energy healers, and other professionals act as conduits to aid individuals in progressing in their lives because they have successfully navigated their own journeys. Once you embrace this understanding, the assistance provided by the practitioner can genuinely empower you. However, it is crucial to remember that it is you who are truly driving the process.

Now, let’s explore the qualities and attributes that the client should possess.

  • Having a willingness to step outside of our comfort zones is crucial, as remaining stuck due to the fear of venturing into unfamiliar territory can hinder our personal growth.
  • Understand the difference between real action and spiritual practices. Real action involves tangible steps in your everyday life which is what brings results. While spiritual practices can enhance your efforts at the level of action, they alone will not lead you to your goals. This approach brings you back from the realm of dreams and grounds you in the reality of the physical world.
  • It is vital to comprehend and acknowledge that we are always accountable for the outcomes we achieve and the situations we find ourselves in. When individuals resort to blaming others, engaging in gossip, cheating, taking shortcuts, or scamming people, it reflects a lack of emotional intelligence. This is a distinction between genuine empowerment and participating in highly negative actions that generate karmic patterns and consequences.
  • Strength comes from willingness and a determined, disciplined attitude. It is crucial to persevere, even when faced with challenges or prolonged efforts. Refuse to let weakness dictate your life. If you desire to attain genuine triumph, it is essential to maintain consistency and avoid neglecting your own well-being.
  • To witness and experience tangible results, it is imperative to follow through with the steps that have been discussed. Merely being aware of the solutions and plans we discuss will not bring about any meaningful change in your circumstances unless you actively apply them to your life.

With that being said, I’d like to invite you to take the necessary steps towards fulfillment and allow yourself to be guided to your unique path.
Sending you abundant love and warmth!

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