Archangel Guidance

Archangels are divine beings that are the messengers of God and are tasked with guiding and protecting us, humans. These powerful beings are constantly watching over us and are available to assist us when we need their help. Archangels are known for their unique abilities and attributes, and each archangel is associated with specific qualities that provide healing. Some people turn to archangels for support and guidance during times of uncertainty, hardship, or illness. Calling upon an archangel and asking for their assistance, we can receive divine guidance and protection, and experience a sense of peace and comfort.
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Release Technique

There’s only 1 disease that exists and that is: CHAOS. The way our body is constructed is highly complex and interconnected. An emotional imbalance can affect the very organ that is associated with that emotion unless the person takes action and doesn’t engage in chaos constantly. However, if a person is in a constant negative state at first, it’ll have an effect on the atomic level ➯ then molecular level ➯ then cellular level. When enough chaos is present at the cellular level, then the person will start having physical illnesses. Pills just make this worse as they act as a poison on the nervous system.

Look at the emotion that created the turmoil and illnesses. What’s going on outside of us gets pumped into the bloodstream through the receptors and this is how we create unhealthy patterns by giving in to these emotions and letting them take over us. Meditation recalibrates the nervous system so we’re not so reactive, tapping helps to break up the congested energies bringing us back to the present.

Tap on any of these points on the body while taking deep breaths and focusing on a particular issue or emotion to release negative emotions and energy blockages from the body. Repeating affirmations or statements related to the issue or emotion will help with the release. This combination of tapping and verbalizing helps to stimulate the body’s energy meridians and promote the flow of energy, while also calming the mind and reducing stress.
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