Egyptian Numerology

Every number carries a special frequency. Analyzing your full date of birth and full name gives us clues on how your numbers are influencing your life. We find out your Soul urge, Soul path, Main karmic lesson, What your soul has been trying to heal for many lifetimes, Personality, Mentality, Destiny influence, Golden age (final fulfillment during senior years), Inner Guidance, Special lessons, Health issues and even your personalized year (an overview of what the current year is holding for you)

This is a great way to learn more about yourself, bring the hidden to the conscious and use these guidelines to stay on track.

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides offer assistance based on our intentions, without imposing their will upon us and respecting our inherent free will granted by a higher power. Their role is to illuminate the path for us, but it is essential for us to be receptive to their guidance. Our Higher Self assembles our team of spirit guides, selecting those who are most suitable for our unique human experiences. The relationship between us and our guides is mutually beneficial; they also evolve spiritually as they fulfill their guiding roles and gain insights while watching over us.

To establish a connection with your spirit guides, it is important to approach them with a specific issue or question. This enables them to guide you effectively, as they require clarity in understanding your intentions. If your intention is vague, their guidance will likewise be general rather than specific.

By connecting with your guides, I will uncover some of their characteristics and gifts. This understanding will help you grasp how each guide is serving you. Spirit guides can generally be categorized into two main groups:

  • Inner Circle: They are only assigned to us specifically. They work with us closely, helping us with our intentions, managing our interactions with the spiritual realm and calling upon the outer circle when necessary. They have been incarnated into Earth previously, so they understand the human experience. On average, we have 4-6 of these souls on our team.
  • Outer Circle: These are more evolved souls that do not get involved in the small details as they have more people assigned to them. They are in charge of a specific general area.


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