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Life in balance

I once encountered the term “social obligation,” and it sparked deep thoughts within me. I became aware of how many people live their lives based on obligations, and it was truly eye-opening. It surprised me to realize that some individuals perceive prioritizing oneself as selfish and feel the need to conform to societal or others’ standards.

Where does free will fit into this equation?
Why did we come into this physical experience only to sacrifice ourselves and let others dictate or organize our lives?
How can we ever create abundance, freedom, and joy if we continually give away our power?
What is the purpose of our lives if we operate on autopilot, merely existing as robots and denying ourselves the opportunity to make our own decisions?

The next time you notice words like “should,” “must,” “tolerating,” or “obligations” describing your state, I encourage you to reflect on these questions and make a conscious effort to reclaim your power. Do not fear losing people over this transformation. If they do not align with your newfound vibration, they will naturally fade away. And guess what? If they cannot understand that you have a life to live and cannot fully support you on your transformative journey, they may not be as significant to your life as you once believed. It is far more empowering to live life on your terms. Ultimately, we all came into this physical experience to create our own reality, but while some allow others to take over their lives, others take full ownership. You will be better served by doing things for yourself because when you know who you are and possess a strong personality, people will perceive you differently and treat you based on who YOU are, not based on what they want you to be. However, this requires knowing your values, owning yourself, and investing deeply in your soul’s well-being. Do not wait for others to approve or validate you. You are already worthy, valid, and deserving simply because you exist. Never underestimate the significance of your life. It takes tremendous effort for a soul to embody a physical body, and you have manifested this physical existence, which is truly monumental!

In many instances, we tend to underestimate ourselves, while at other times, we may overestimate our abilities. The key to thriving in life is cultivating a flexible mindset and approaching things realistically, without being afraid of pursuing significant achievements. It is crucial to be aware of societal conditioning that discourages dreaming big, as if only a select few can achieve great things. This conditioning can lead to feelings of unworthiness when it comes to true success. Fear of failure or losing that success may then become an obstacle. However, it’s important to recognize that nobody is inherently special or more deserving. We have all been given equal resources, but it is our mind’s capacity, shaped by our beliefs, that determines how we utilize them. To invite abundance into our lives, we must free ourselves from limitations and allow the flow. Desire can be a driving force for success, but becoming too attached to it can lead to a fear of losing it. The ideal approach is to be resourceful and efficient, whether working with a group or individually. When you make resourcefulness your focus and integrate it into your personality, you will find it easier to navigate life, shedding limitations and fears. It is normal to have doubts when entering the unknown, but as long as you remain focused on your desired achievements or the feelings you want to experience throughout the process, you can be reassured that things will unfold as long as you continue to take physical actions.

On the other hand, when someone overestimates themselves, it becomes essential to examine the ego and adopt a realistic perspective.

The ego is not an antagonist; in fact, it serves a purpose in keeping us safe by prompting appropriate actions when danger is sensed. However, what truly matters is understanding your limits and establishing healthy, realistic boundaries. Recognizing your capabilities and values is essential for taking actions within your abilities. It is important to first get to know yourself and accept if your soul isn’t yet prepared to embark on a significant project. Making peace with what you can currently offer and striving to be the best at it will eventually expand your potential.

I sincerely hope that this article has helped you build confidence and faith in yourself, inspiring you to take steps towards a more liberated future. If you desire to break free from limitations and blockages, I recommend considering the Deep Transformation package. In this session, we delve deeply into your personal story, energetically clearing any obstacles from your life. Together, we come up with actionable solutions that you can do differently in your life so you can live in harmony and fulfilled.

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