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When you’ve tried everything
and it still doesn’t work…

Make It Happen

Why does manifestation
not work for me?

There are numerous misconceptions surrounding effective manifestation. Based on my personal experience, following prominent gurus yielded little progress. These figures often emphasize spiritual practices, mindset shifts, and the concept of raising vibrations. However, they often fail to provide a clear explanation of what these concepts truly entail or how to implement them. While our belief system and outlook undoubtedly influence our ability to manifest, they alone are insufficient. The crucial missing piece is action.

Many individuals become disheartened by initial failures and rely solely on spiritual practices. While such practices can help maintain motivation, it is essential to understand that they are not the same as taking action. Merely looking at a vision board for years without taking any concrete steps will not yield the desired results. Similarly, repeating affirmations that you do not genuinely believe in will not change your mindset, regardless of how long you persist. Affirmations only work when you have some level of belief that they are true for you. Shifting your thinking operates on a fourth-dimensional level, whereas the desire itself occurs in the third dimension, therefore the manifestation process also has to be done third dimensionally which is at the level of action. We can only manifest tangible outcomes, not emotions or feelings. 

If someone appears to have manifested something seemingly out of the blue through spiritual practices alone, they are likely not disclosing the actions they took to bring about those results. Sometimes we indirectly take actions without conscious awareness, giving the illusion of manifestation without effort, but genuine action is always involved. Additionally, it’s important to note that we don’t manifest solely because we want something; we must also be vibrationally aligned with it. It must serve us on a deeper soul level. Wanting something doesn’t automatically mean it’s beneficial for us. Going against our nature and making excuses to avoid taking action means we are depriving ourselves of our true powers.

Unfortunately, we have all been conditioned to believe that manifesting is difficult and time-consuming, when in reality, all we need is strong intentions and sufficient action. Manifestation is not inherently difficult; it simply requires dedication. It’s okay to encounter failures along the way. Focus on learning from those mistakes and don’t be afraid of failure. Remember that even the most successful people have experienced failure multiple times in their lives, so you are not alone. Wishing is not intention setting, and waiting around will never bring about any meaningful change. You must clearly define what you want and diligently work towards it until you achieve it.

By using your own manifesting blueprint as a guide, you can bring about profound and transformative changes that will enhance your ability to achieve your desires.

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