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Spirituality is a complex topic because it cannot be merely understood intellectually. It has to be understood through experience. However, we can only experience the awakening if we embrace openness. What stops us from being open is ignorance. To maintain this openness, we must avoid mental rigidity and the assumption that all we know is all there is. There is so much more to reality than this physical 3rd-dimensional world.

But what are all these different dimensions?

3rd dimension is about all the physical, material, and tangible things.

4th dimension is where the mind resides. This is where thoughts formulate.

5th dimension is the soul. This is the real you without your body. (self-discovery)

6th dimension is where you really start tapping into your fullest potential.

7th dimension is about complete detachment. You are congruent in all areas of your life.

8th dimension is about experiencing interconnectedness on a collective level.

9th dimension is about active creation beyond the physical.

10th dimension is about oneness, universal connection, and being one with everything and everyone. It’s where we experience ourselves as a source.

It is vital to recognize that all dimensions reside within us. As spiritual beings, we encompass them all. These dimensions represent various levels of consciousness that we can access by choice. The increasing numbers associated with the different dimensions do not mean they are outside us. They reflect our expanding conscious awareness.

The more consciously we live our lives -> the greater the number of dimensions we can tap into -> the more resources we have -> more efficiently we can create, which ultimately results in a sense of fulfilment and liberation.

God is an energy. God means creator

The same energy within us is present in God, granting us the power to shape our world, much like how God created the universe. God is a concept, and it isn’t to be taken as a person like we are. God is simply an energy, a creative force. When we pray to God, we simply direct our energy through intention, and the outcomes manifest in our 3rd-dimensional reality when we take action aligned with that intention.

Many people associate God with religion. While religion mostly teaches people that God is to be feared, spirituality liberates them from such beliefs. Spirituality teaches you the workings of the universe and how you can connect to your Higher Self, which is your wisest version, and then apply that wisdom to your everyday life.

We are not humans choosing to experience spirituality. We are spiritual beings who choose to experience human life. Pay attention to how you comprehend this because this is the essence of real life.

Regardless of whether you identify as spiritual or practice spirituality, it is important to recognize that you are inherently spiritual, regardless of your beliefs. Understanding that our existence extends beyond the physical body and the brain, then you can see how we are all spiritual beings, with your soul being the essence of who you are.

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