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For many individuals, the idea of seeking support from others can be daunting. They may feel a sense of failure, believing that asking for assistance somehow diminishes their abilities. Alternatively, they might worry about burdening others with their challenges. However, it is crucial to recognize that we are all human beings who occasionally require help. In fact, reaching out for support, particularly from a professional, can significantly accelerate our personal growth journey.

Turning to a wisdom teacher can be an important part of our personal and spiritual growth. A wisdom teacher is someone who has deep knowledge and understanding of spiritual and philosophical principles and can guide us on our path towards greater wisdom, insight, and inner peace.

There are several reasons why it can be beneficial to turn to a wisdom teacher:

  1. Guidance: A wisdom teacher can provide guidance and support as we navigate life’s challenges and obstacles. They can offer practical advice and share their own experiences and wisdom to help us make better choices and decisions.

  2. Perspective: A wisdom teacher can offer a broader perspective on life’s challenges and help us see things from a different angle. They can help us cultivate a more positive and compassionate mindset, and learn to let go of negative patterns of thought and behavior.

  3. Growth: A wisdom teacher can help us to grow and develop on a personal and spiritual level. They can challenge us to explore new ideas and beliefs and help us to uncover our true purpose and potential.

It is important to note that finding a wisdom teacher is a personal journey, and not all teachers will resonate with everyone. It is essential to approach the search for a teacher with an open mind and heart, and take the time to explore different paths and traditions until we find one that resonates with our unique needs and aspirations.

I’ve personally followed many wisdom teachers before I was able to discover my own wisdom. So what is your own wisdom? At first it starts with learning from others, then it progresses to discovering your true authenticity. At this point you’re able to put the puzzles together that you’ve learned from many different teachers, making it into your own interpretation which leads to the connection with the divine or esoteric wisdom. This is the stage when you have the ability to connect with your guides and learn from the spirit world. This is the place of self-realization. Everybody has the ability to reach to this level. No-one is more special than the other.
The question is: Are you wanting to get to this level? Are you willing to put the work in?
Remember, that the process of personal growth and development includes both moments of success and achievement, as well as uncomfortable and painful experiences that are necessary to go through. You will have to face your fears and overcome them, your shadow self will show up, you’ll have to heal your inner child. When this happens you will feel more at unease than usual because all these aspects of you that have been laying dormant in your DNA, your subconscious and your soul are now coming up to the surface as it requires you to work on it then finally release them. This can be a long process but don’t allow discouragement to take over success. Chaos creates order so don’t be afraid to discover your impurities. Embrace it!

It all sounds easier said than done but if you want to step into your fullest potentials you must go through the uncomfortable.

  • Turn this discomfort into victory!

  • Let your hardships make you tougher!

  • Allow the rejections in your life guide you to a better path!

Mindset and attitude is everything! Of course, we all require extra assistance at times. If you’re ready to dive deep into your personal development journey you can check out the services I offer here.

“Change is your friend not your foe; change is a brilliant opportunity to grow.”

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